Meet The Cool & Multi-talented Hijaber, Yuna Zarai

Yuna is an independent Malaysian singer-songwriter. She began writing her own songs when she was 14 years old, and her first performance of her own songs was at the age of 19, after she learned how to play guitar. She has performed in numerous acoustic shows and events in many parts of Malaysia since 2006.
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Kita adalah spasi. Kosong, hampa, lengang.
Kita adalah spasi. Diapit keramaian, tapi tetap sepi.
Kita adalah spasi. Ada, tapi tak pernah benar-benar terlihat. Baru dicari ketika hilang.

Kamu, aku, satu. Tapi tak pernah membentuk sesuatu.
Bahkan ketika kita merenggang dalam diam, kita tak saling pamit.
Mencuat ke atas dan ke bawah.
Hanya ditandai dengan barisan huruf yang menyempit.

Tanpa bekas.


“She came home from the hospital after her father passed covered in tears. I started crying and kept asking her ‘What can I do for you? Tell me how I can help’…And she looked up at me and said ‘Just hold me..’cause you’re the only thing that can fix me right now.’ ”

- Chris Martin on the inspiration for ‘Fix You’

Source: Tumblr