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Rebellious Formal

Skirt: UK's School Uniform

Modern Hippie


Random Words

Since a day of 24 hours felt too fast

I collected some efforts to throw away those filthy minds

and refilled by splendid ones

Since a day of 24 hours seems unacceptable

I tried to submit wishes and lists of what I've been longing for

Attached the ideas upon my pillow

and brought it back to my playground they used to call "dreams"

Since a day of 24 hours wasn't spacious anymore

I started to leap on my own trampoline in the backyard

Wished for a time when I fall

and my pals would come to know what happened to me

Since a day of 24 hours fulfilled with jars of harshness

I opened my box of unicorn thorns

Sticked them onto the paperless board

and hoped that someday I'd find words to write about

Since a day of 24 hours didn't passed like it used to be

I knocked your door

Rang your bell

Took a peek through your windows

but I found nothing.

Then I lost of my faiths,

that friends are easy to find

that self-destination is worth a long wait

that love is meant to be found

While in fact,

friends are easy to find, but no one stays for a long period

once they find a node lying upon a land of friendship

the dreadfuls will run away

and a few of the brilliants survive

waiting a self-destination to come, or at least to touch a corner of your mind

isn't as easy as turning your iPod on

and the promise that self-destination is worth a long wait

is inapropriately consumed by a little kid like me

love is something that makes us would rather go downs than ups

something that makes us bloom like petals on a day and die like an ant crashed by wheels on the next day

or a truth hiding behind your back,

waiting to be revealed.



Balai Pemuda & Delta Plaza

Old-styled amusement park

Look what's on my feet

Magazine's fashion photography wanna be

Damn I am sooooo happy!

Classic ferris wheel

Even my best friend was shouting

Face painter on the street, superb talented

A kid like you shouldn't have tasted how evil the world is

Am I allowed to open this?

The building from the park lamp sight

Mom, I want to be a superman!


Malang - Self Potraits

the next photography session will be in Delta tomorrow with the other photographers of Semut. pics will be posted, just wait ;)